About Us

For Kandex, the production and sale of articles for preparing and serving food is the core business. With the marketing of this kind of equipment, we started to work in 1993, when we started to represent some foreign companies in Slovenia. During this time, we have gained sufficient knowledge and experience so that we could develop their own production of exhibition trays and containers with lids 10 years later. The combination of our own production, the representation of foreign companies and close cooperation with domestic producers gave us a good basis for a quality and competitive offer, with which we have acquired reputable business partners in Slovenia and abroad.

In addition to the development of the goods we market, we also invest in the development of personnel, as we consider that every good and satisfied employee is a large capital of the company. With an active presence in foreign markets, we have gained a wealth of experience that we want to transfer to the field of Slovenia, and we are also trying to transfer the knowledge we have with us abroad. The self-confident business performance has also brought us the opportunity to become an equal member of one of the largest German associations - Dagema, which is engaged in a comprehensive activity in the supply of food processing and preparation products. As members of this association, we have acquired the right to offer the same goods on the Slovenian market and for them, as they have and use in Germany and other culinary developed countries.

At the end of the presentation, we would like to express our hope that new business decisions are the right path for the further development of the company, which will bring employees a joy to work and new business challenges and offer our customers the right address for their solutions.

Director: Luka Jerkovič